News Standards to Help Cracking Development Bottleneck in Wind Power Industry

Standards to Help Cracking Development Bottleneck in Wind Power Industry

Jul 15 , 2013

According to authoritative statistics of China’s relevant departments, as of now, China’s grid-connected wind power reached 52.58 GW. China has become the world’s first wind power country in place of the United States. In July of this year, the National Energy Administration issued the “12th Five-Year Plan for Wind Power Development” in which the proposed goals are to reach the grid-connected installed wind power capacity of 100 GW by 2015 and 200 GW by 2020.

Nevertheless these achievements and prospects, it must be admitted that, wind power integration is both a worldwide problem and a major bottleneck that perplexes the development of China’s wind power industry. Insiders pointed out that the standard is the key to crack wind power integration problem and break the development bottleneck in wind power industry, which involves wind farms connected to the grid, performance testing of grid-connected wind farms and wind farms dispatching.

Testing the quality of the grid-connected wind power

If an off-grid accident occurs to wind turbines, it will cause great risk to safe and stable operation of the power grid and reliable power supply, and wind farm owners would also suffer a loss of power generation. According to the statistics from Wind Power Safety Supervision Report No. 4 of 2011 issued by State Electricity Regulatory Commission, in 2011 alone, there are 193 off-grid accidents of 100MW wind turbines and 12 large accidents for 500MW wind turbines in China.

It is reported that the power system is very strict with power quality requirements, and power operating performance is required to meet appropriate standard. If wind power can not meet the quality requirements of the power system for electricity, it will bring great problems to power system. Hu Xuehao, Deputy chief engineer of China EPRI, President of the Beijing Branch of IEEE Power and Energy Society, previously said in an interview, the quality of the wind turbine is potential threat to grid safety, and there is an urgent need to designate a third-party testing organization to carry out the quality certification for wind turbines before shipping, to prevent substandard wind turbines from connecting to power system from the beginning.

It is well known that wind power is a volatile and intermittent power supply, while the power system is in real-time balance state. The fluctuations of the wind power needs to be balanced by conventional power regulation and energy storage system, which is the biggest challenge to restrict wind power integration for a long time. Many insiders from wind power industry pointed out that, the lack or lagging of China’s wind turbines and wind farms networking standards and the testing standards restricts the large-scale promotion of wind power integration.