News SAWT attended the Parkistan-China Energy Forum

SAWT attended the Parkistan-China Energy Forum

Jul 08 , 2013

On Jul.6, 2013, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan addressed Pakistan-China Energy Forum in Shanghai which was attended by over 50 prominent Chinese investors and representatives of energy enterprises. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed his pleasure for addressing the top corporate leaders in the energy conference between China and Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that energy policy and energy security had been the part of his party’s manifesto, and they were striving hard to implement it. He was of the view that the fundamental challenge of the country was to overcome the energy crisis which had been the greatest impediment in Pakistan’s economic recovery. The Prime Minister said that he was leading the government to pull the country out of the economic melt-down. Resolution of energy issues was the top priority of his government and they would welcome all the Chinese and foreign investment in this regard, he added. PM Nawaz Sharif said his government looked forward to Chinese investment in renewable energy sector particularly wind and solar with the country having accumulated potential of 60,000MW. He added Pakistan was blessed with abundant solar light and strong wind.

SAWT attended the Forum upon the recommendation by the New Energy Association of Shanghai as the only wind energy manufacturer company.