News SAWT Inc. to set up JV in the Netherlands

SAWT Inc. to set up JV in the Netherlands

May 07 , 2013

With the assistance and coordination from the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherland, SAWT Inc. and WaJu Management & Consultancy BV has signed strategic contract to set up a JV in Netherland. It is going to be European Head Office to represent SAWT  Inc. and its products of vertical axis wind turbines(VAWT)  in Europe. The Office will be handling the activities for Europe and the Caribbean regarding products distribution, sales, research and certifications, as well as the coordination of certain projects.


The strategic contract is signed with the witness of Mr. Peter Potman, the Consul General of Shanghai and Ms. Lillanne Ploumen, the Minster for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of Netherlands.

CEO of WaJu Management & Consultancy BV and SAWT Inc. have presented a 10W baby vertical axis wind turbine to Ms. Lillanne Ploumen.