News SAWT has set up technical cooperation with Power One

SAWT has set up technical cooperation with Power One

Apr 18 , 2013

In the past few days, SAWT had a conference with engineers from Power One Inc. (world’s leading on-grid inverter supplier) on technology in Shanghai, China. The two sides had a deep discussion on the compatibility between SAWT vertical axis wind turbine (referred as “VAWT”) and Power One on-grid inverter. Both sides agreed that Power One would refer to the parameters of SAWT wind generator and adjust their inverter to have a better compatibility with SAWT VAWT, so as to give full play to the performance of SAWT VAWT.

At present, the key technology of small wind turbine connecting to the grid is the on-grid inverter. Power One is one of the world’s ten largest providers of power conversion and power management solutions. SAWT is the world’s leading VAWT researcher and manufacturer, the wind turbines have been sold well to more than 50 countries and areas, mainly in Europe and America.
The cooperation between SAWT and Power One in the field of on-grid connection would open a new era to the development of wind turbine industry.