News World’s largest Wind turbine test base received First Wind turbines

World’s largest Wind turbine test base received First Wind turbines

Aug 16 , 2013

March 14, with hoisting of a 1.5MW wind turbine, the installation of the first eight experimental wind turbines at Hebei Zhangbei Wind Turbine Test Base was completed. At this time, trial wind turbines from five manufacturers were mounted. Next, the base will test power characteristics, power quality, noise, load, power control and low voltage ride through of these wind turbines.
Zhangbei Wind Turbine Test Base is an important part of the National Energy Research (Experiment) Center for Grid Connection of Bulk Wind Power undertaken by China Electric Power Research Institute. It is the world’s largest and only test base that has low voltage ride through test ability, grid adaptability test ability, and wind energy, solar energy and storage combined test and research means.
The purpose of wind turbine grid connection test is to solve actual problems in grid connection of bulk wind power and provide strong technical support for safe and stable operation of power grid. Key test equipment of the base has been put into service, and wind turbine test is ongoing.Test beds for the second batch of wind turbines are expected to be put into use in the end of May 2011. By then, the base will have trial wind turbines from several manufacturers, and it will provide R&D platform and test services to more wind turbine manufacturers.