News Renergy electric signed contract for 900 electric control systems

Renergy electric signed contract for 900 electric control systems

Aug 14 , 2013

REenergy Electric recently signed orders worth RMB900 million for 900 sets of main control systems, converters and pitch control systems each with well-known wind turbine manufacturers. The supply this time covers 1.5MW plateau, low-temperature and common-temperature electric control systems. The products supplied will be used in Huaneng Weichang Phase II, Dehe Shangyi and Huadian Siping projects.

REnergy Electric Tianjin Ltd is specialized in R&D, production, sale and service of main control system, pitch control system, and converter for 1-5MW wind turbines and wind farm monitoring system. Its products include normal-temperature, low-temperature, plateau, and offshore series, and apply to wind farms of different environments.

The company also owns strong independent innovation and R&D abilities. It can provide integral solutions from product design to production and electric control system according to customers’ requirements.

In 2010, the company’s production capacity of main control system, converter and pitch control system exceeded 3000 sets and its sales broke through 2000 sets, representing an 8-fold increase than 2009. The products are successfully used in wind turbines of Mingyang Wind Power, Baoding Tianwei, China Northern Locomotive &Rolling Stock Industry(Group)Corporation and Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd. By the end of 2010, the company’s products have been successfully running at more than wind farms around the country, including Datang Xiangyang, Duolun, Huaneng Weichang, Huaneng Zhurihe, Huangcaopo, Huaneng Jiucaiping, Shangdu, and Datang Tieling wind farms.